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Katie Sanderson, Enamel artist

After being set up with my first kiln over 12 years ago I have experimented with many techniques, mainly self taught, but also under the teaching of my mother Dilys Fisher a talented enamelist. I feel very fortunate to be able to share my work and this unique art form. I am passionate about enamelling. The richness of its colours, the durability of something so fragile, that hundreds of years from now could be unearthed and still display its vivid colours like the day it was formed.


My work can be found in several galleries and art shops. I also enjoy the challenge of incorporating someone's favourite colours in a piece, or creating in enamel something that is meaningful to someone, so I am happy to discuss bespoke work and commissions.

I am based in the beautiful Forest of Dean and pleased to be able to share this craft by offering workshops throughout the year.

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